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Oyster Bike at Bespoked Bristol 2013

The “Oyster Catcha” design

The full suspension ‘Oyster Catcha’ features a simple single pivot frame with a distinctive drive design. An internal gear hub used in conjunction with a jackshaft chain system to ensure efficient suspension action whilst keeping the simple & strong single-speed chains. No derallieurs, sprung tensioners or chain devices are required.

Unlike many other suspension designs, there is no chain length change when the swingarm moves to cause pedal feedback. When pedal feedback occurs it is felt by the rider as back pressure on the pedals. As the rider naturally tries to resist this force when riding it only serves to reduce the suspension effectiveness.

In many suspension designs, when force is applied to the pedals it causes the suspension to move, known as ‘bob’. Since the chain line is very close to the pivot line, the suspension movement under pedalling is minimal, resulting in minimal loss of energy.

An advantage the jackshaft design has over conventional single pivot bikes is that the suspension remains active under braking. On conventional single pivot bikes, as soon as the rear brake is applied, the suspension stiffens and the impacts are felt.

In summary, the Oysta Catcha is designed to be simple and robust without compromising its effectiveness.

It's for people who like their bikes a little bit different...